• Welcome to the ITM alumni platform!

    Connecting ITM alumni, students and staff worldwide

  • Welcome to the ITM alumni platform!

    Finding fellow colleagues, peers and mentors

  • Welcome to the ITM alumni platform!

    Sharing expertise and opportunities

  • Welcome to the ITM alumni platform!

    Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations


Welcome to the ITM online community platform for alumni, students and staff!

ITM ALUMNI CONNECT brings together alumni, students and staff members of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. By connecting members with common interests but different backgrounds and a diverse set of skills and expertise, this online community platform aims to foster interdisciplinary exchange, scientific and sector-related knowledge-sharing, international collaborations and social networking.   

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                                                                                                       How to join? 


STEP 1: Click on the 'request to join' button and complete the Sign Up form. Upon verification of your data, you will receive an e-mail regarding the approval of your request. 


STEP 2: Activate your account upon approval. 


STEP 3: Complete your profile.


STEP 4: Connect with other members and start interacting.