The Master in Tropical Medicine (MTM), biomedical and clinical sciences orientations, kicked off! On 3 September we have virtually welcomed our 21 international students via Zoom. 
We have fixed this memorable moment after a long and interesting journey of reflections and exchanges about the added value of this master, integrating clinical and biomedical expertise and covering tropical disease from “lab to bed”.
The first cohort of MTM students, who have just started the core course component of Introduction to International Health, are expected to graduate by August 2021. Their thesis will be in the format of a manuscript ready for submission. A wide array of thesis topics will be covered by our MTM students, from high-tech lab research on tropical pathogens to strategies to improve diagnostics, patients’ management and care in tropical settings. A well-balanced group of students! 

With four continents represented and an average age of 33, this diverse new crew was added to the ITM family. Welcome to all!


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