The mobile app for the alumni platform is here! Download it now!

The mobile app for our online alumni platform is here!

2020 saw the launch of the ITM online alumni platform, connecting our alumni, students and staff. Today, we have the pleasure to launch the mobile app for the platform: ITM ALUMNI CONNECT! From now on, the web platform and the app will both operate under this name.

What extra does the app offer?

  • You can enjoy unlimited access and connect easily. No matter where you are, you will never be more than one tap away from the ITM online community.
  • You can share your real-time position and discover users around you. (NB: Users are not being tracked live; nearby members can be seen based on the information indicated in the "live location" field.)
  • You can use your phone’s camera and microphone to easily post and share pictures/videos.


The platform’s primary aim is to foster interdisciplinary exchange, scientific and sector-related knowledge-sharing, international collaborations and social networking between ITM community members. Key figures of the web platform from 2020:

  • more than 1600 ITM community members 
  • 195 job opportunities published
  • 135 events published
  • 279 news & email campaigns

The app is available in Google Play and AppStore. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, send us an e-mail at 

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